Volunteers of the Year

The WUDL is largely a volunteer driven organization. Thankfully, we have a very robust volunteer program that has been recognized by the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues for the size and commitment of our volunteers. 

Every year, we give out the Volunteer of the Year Award to recognize the contributions of the individual(s) who have gone above and beyond to support the WUDL and debate in the D.C. area. This award is largely chosen by the students themselves from among our most frequent volunteers. 

Coming Soon: 2020-2021 Volunteer of the Year

Katie Proch, Stuart Hobson Middle School / Ben Allegretti Consulting

2019-2020 Maggie Meiman

Maggie, a former debater from New Jersey, has volunteered with the Washington Urban Debate League since her freshman year at George Washington University. She's coached at EL Haynes, Capital City, and Inspired Teaching over the last three years. This year at Inspired Teaching, she quadrupled the size of the team, led them to several league-wide awards, and two of her students won the MS UDL National Tournament. She also forged a partnership between her sorority and the WUDL, bringing other students from GW to volunteer with the league. 

2018-2019 Guillermo Vidaurre

Guillermo has volunteered with the WUDL for years, serving in every capacity from tab to hospitality and travel team. He didn't miss a tournament this year. He is a large supporter of the league, and was recently named to our governing board. Guillermo is a former HS debater from Kansas City, and works for Omnia Partners doing Data Analytics. 

2017-2018 Kathy Beckman

Kathy is the grandmother of one of our students at Banneker High School. She has served as a judge for three years, and is a member of our advisory board. A professional development specialist, she puts her talents to work helping the league design and create training materials and improve the training and experience of her fellow volunteers, especially those new to debate. 

2016-2017 Jon Alfuth

Jon is a former TFA teacher in Memphis, Tennessee. He coached debate at Soulsville Charter, and became the de-facto program director before moving to pursue a career in education policy in D.C. Jon coached at EL Haynes and helps our travel teams, does judge training, and is on our advisory board. 

2016-2017 Patrick McMullen

Patrick was an ethics attorney on Capitol Hill before returning to private practice. He is a former debater and debate coach at the high school and college level, before returning to the activity with WUDL. He coached at Stuart Hobson and now at DC International, and serves on our advisory board. 

2015-2016 Richard Day

Richard is a former debater from Chicago who attended Georgetown University. He judged at every tournament, and took over the role of judge trainer. He also worked with our travel teams to prepare them for regional competition, and helped write our core files. Richard served on the WUDL Board from 2016-2018 and is currently pursuing his MBA at the University of Chicago.  

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