WUDL Travel Team

The Washington Urban Debate League takes students to regional competitions to face the best and brightest from around the region and the nation. These trips are designed to allow students who have worked hard and excelled at the local level to test their skills against students from other cities and explore the wide world of debate. They are also an opportunity for students to showcase their skills for and network with college coaches and learn about scholarship opportunities. 

To attend travel tournaments, WUDL students must attend extra practices and do extra research to prepare for these rigorous tournaments. We practice and travel as a single team, representing the WUDL, so the WUDL Travel Team is a great way to get to know students from around the league. 

The WUDL travel schedule fluctuates from year to year, but we generally attend the following competitions each season.

  • Georgetown Day School Invitational:

    • Georgetown Day School, Washington D.C.​

  • "Big Bronx" Invitational

    • Bronx Science High School, Bronx, New York City, New York

  • NYC Fall Face-Off ​

    • Mameroneck High School,        New York​

  • Bishop Guild Invitational​

    • Samford University, Birmingham Alabama​

  • Lexington Invitational​

    • Lexington High School,     Lexington, Massachusetts​

  • Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

    • Pennsbury High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Westchester Invitational ​

    • Westchester High School,          New York

  • Urban Debate Middle School National Tournament​

    • Moves around the country

  • Urban Debate National Championship,

    • Moves around the country

As with all WUDL programs, trips are 100% free!

18 WUDL students from 6 different schools, along with coaches and volunteers at the Georgetown Day Invitational. 

18 WUDL students from 5 schools, along with their coaches at the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational. Kenmoor VJ finished 11th in JV. 

8 WUDL students from 4 schools and their coaches at the first WUDL travel tournament ever, the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational in 2016. Paola Almendarez and Anya Chiu have the first winning record at a travel tournament in league history (JV)

8 WUDL Students from 4 schools and their coaches at the Westchester Classic. Stuart Hobson's Dash Thompson won the league's first award ever at an outside competition, 7th speaker in the JV Division.

10 WUDL students from 4 schools and their coaches at the NY Fall Face-Off. 

One element of our travel program is the Burke Foundation External Camp Scholarship. The WUDL will sponsor a limited number of students to attend out of league summer debate institutes each summer. If interested, please complete the application on the right. 

Travel Team Hall of Fame: 

  • Bowie High School: 

    • McClinton/Ballah​

      • Winning Record, Varsity​

        • NY Fall Face-Off (2019)​, Lakeland (2020)

  • Capital City:

    • Villaflor/Malia​:

      • Elimination Rounds: Semi-Finalist (JV)*​

        • New York Fall Face-Off (2019​)

    • Villaflor/Balk​​

      • Elimination Rounds: Octo-Finalist​

        • Pennsbury (2020​)

  • DC International:

    • Almendarez/Chiu:

      • Winning Record (JV)*

        • Pennsbury, (2017) 

    • Almendarez/Rogin:​​

      • Winning Record (Varsity)​

        • GDS (2019), Samford (2020​)

  • DuVal High School:

    • Collins/Ntangu:

      • Winning Record (Varsity)

        • Pennsbury (2019), NY Fall Face-Off (2018) GDS (2018)

        • First Speaker Award: Nationals 2019 (Collins)​

    • Ntangu/Sayoto:

      • First Elimination Rounds (Varsity)​

        • GDS (2019), Lexington (2020​)

      • Winning Record (Varsity)​

        • Wake (2019)​, Samford (2020), Pennsbury (2020)

  • Kenmoor Middle School:

    • Verma/Jawara:

      • 11th Place (JV), 11th Speaker (Verma)

        • Pennsbury (2019)

  • ​​​Largo High School:

    • Scott-Reid/Hinant: 

      • Winning Record: Varsity*

        • Westchester, (2017​)

  • Roosevelt High School:

    • Bah:

      • Speaker Award: Varsity​ (9th)*

        • GDS (2019)

  • School Without Walls:​​

    • Escobar/Chamberlain:

      • Winning Record: Varsity

        • Pennsbury (2020)​

    • Alexander/Krevat: ​​

      • Elimination Rounds: Quarter-Finalists (JV)​

        • Pennsbury (2020​)

  • Stuart Hobson Middle School:

    • Dinkins/Cole

      • Quarterfinalists (Novice)

      • Speaker Award: 2nd Place (Dinkins) and 6th Place (Cole)

        • University of Kentucky, (2020)​​​

    • Thompson: 

      • Speaker Award: JV (7th)*

        • Westchester, (2017)

  • Washington Latin:​​​

    • Person/Lewis:​

      • Elimination Rounds: Quarter-Finalist (JV)​

        • Pennsbury (2020​)

* indicates the first team to accomplish the feat

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