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Looking to learn more about the topic, or about different debate concepts? Look no further! We'll cover everything from this year's topic to topicality. If we missed something, give us a shout and we'll make one. 

WUDL coaches can earn incentives towards their coaching stipends by watching these videos and passing these quick comprehension checks. To learn more about this program, click here. 

WUDL 2017 Education Topic Introduction

This video goes over some of the history of education policy in the United States, reviews many of the hot button issues in policy debates today, and walks through the wording of this year's resolution. A great place to start when thinking about this year's policy debate resolution. 

WUDL Instructional Video Series
Debate 101
Debate 101
WUDL Intro to the Topic  Videos
Intro to Education Topic 
Being Affirmative
Being Negative
Being Negative
The Disadvantage
The Disadvantage
The Counterplan
The Counterplan
The Kritik
School Choice
The Achievement Gap
Promotion STEM Education
Career and Technical Education
Teacher Shortages?
State Versus Federal Action
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