WUDL Wraps Up Regular Season, Criminal Justice Reform Topic at Districts

This past weekend, we wrapped up the remote learning 2020-2021 season and our Criminal Justice Reform Topic. Join us as we celebrate the season on Wednesday, April 28th, 2021 from 6 PM - 7:30 PM as our students debrief the CJR Topic and we share all of our season-long awards.

This past weekend, we crowned our District Champions in all four divisions:

Rookie: Devyn Partin and Hazel Robin-Lerner of Two Rivers PCS

Devyn and Hazel, who made their competitive debut in January, are our Rookie Champions. This is what the Rookie Division is all about, creating a comfortable, introductory space for our younger debaters, especially those that don't start the year at the beginning of the season. These two champs have an infectious energy and are some of our most active tournament chatters. We look forward to working with them in years to come.

Novice: Nyla Dinkins and Sheridan Feldman of Stuart Hobson

Stuart Hobson has many teams this year that have been outstanding, but Nyla and Sheridan shouldn't be overlooked. A strong team all season, Nyle and Sheridan made a good showing in the MS National Qualifying pool earlier this spring, before returning to Novice, and closing out the season in style. This is both Nyla and Sheridan's first season debating, and they will be leaders on the team next year as many of their other team leaders go on to high school.

Special Shoutout to Eastern High School's Timon Lawson, who also went 4-0 at the tournament, debating alone! Timon and partner Trinity have been incredible this spring, winning multiple tournaments and putting Eastern HS debate back on the map.

Junior Varsity: Cedric Missouri and Brandon Clarke

Welcome back Banneker Debate! Coach Arndt has done a great job building the team, and this is their most impressive finish in several seasons. Cedric and Brandon have been among the leaders of this resurgent team, and have worked hard all season. I look forward to working with them as they dip their toes in the Varsity pond.

Varsity: Dennis Martinez and Alexa Figueroa

Yet another accolade for some fantastic young people. I had a chance to speak to Dennis and Alexa after their last round, while waiting for the judge to make their decision. They faced a Stuart Hobson team in their Varsity debut, and it was a touching moment as the torch was passed from the seniors to the next generation of Varsity debaters.

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