WUDL Travel Team Wins JV Division at Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

The Pennsbury Falcon Invitational is always a great tournament, and in many ways is a pivotal moment for many of our students, as the last travel tournament of the year. Often, it is a student's first travel experience, especially for those who started debate that fall. Sometimes, it is where folks test new arguments to prepare for districts, or it can be a great opportunity for a student to get pushed beyond their comfort zone, or for folks to step up and win their first trophies outside the league.

Sometimes, everything just comes together, and all of these happen at once.

In JV:

-- Dami + Precious won the Division, losing a single round all weekend.

-- Precious was also the Top Speaker, while Dami was 5th.

This was the girls first tournament outside of the league, and they had been quite anxious about the prospects of doing so throughout the fall. This is the first time a WUDL team has won 1st place or been top speaker in their division, ever. We are so proud of their accomplishments!

-- Jalen + Ranu finished as Semi-Finalists, as a coach-over in the Semi-Final Round with Precious + Dami. This is their third break-round appearance at the JV level, and we look forward to seeing them in Varsity soon!

-- Stephanie won her first speaker award outside the WUDL, finishing as the 10th overall speaker.

In Novice:

-- Angie and Rahel won 3rd place, despite being 6th graders(!) in a high school tournament. Three years younger than their components, these intrepid students went into the tournament hoping to win a single round, and just kept winning!

In Varsity:

-- Zara + Lucy broke to elimination rounds yet again, finishing as Octo-Finalists. They've broken to elims at more tournaments than anyone else in WUDL history.

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