WUDL Teams Advance to Elimination Rounds at New York Fall Face-Off

The New York Fall Face-Off is the last regional competition of the fall semester, a pulse check to see how folks stack up competitively and what they've learned so far this year. Hosted by Mamaroneck High School in New York, this is usually one of our favorite trips.

While we didn't get to ride up in a giant bus together, the show went on, online! The verdict: The kids are pretty great.

Zara/Lucy advanced to elimination rounds once again, their second appearance in two tournaments. Coaches Ritter and Phillips are hard at work to help them break through to Quarter-Finals level at the next tournament.

Jener/Akesh also advanced to elimination rounds in JV, their third time this year. Jener was the 5th overall speaker in the Division, while Akesh finished 10th. Stephanie was close behind at 15th.

In Novice, Ajibola was the 5th overall speaker, while Niccolai placed 10th, despite this being their first time competing outside of the WUDL.

A big shout out to the volunteers who made last weekend happen: Ohm Gore, Kassie Colon, Gabe Ritter, and Darrian Carroll

The season continues tomorrow for the WUDL Holiday Tournament, and at Lexington in the Spring!

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