First Urban Debate Dragon Invitational Awards Bids to Calvert Hall, Mamaroneck

This past weekend, the Washington Urban Debate League made history as the first Urban Debate League in the nation to host a national qualifier for the Tournament of Champions. Featuring teams from 13 states, the competition was fierce across all divisions as traditional regional power-houses clashed with smaller local programs new to the national stage.

We are very excited to announce that Calvert Hall (Maryland) and Mamaroneck (NY) claimed the TOC bids offered at the Urban Debate Dragon Invitational. This is Calvert Hall's 4th bid to the TOC, and Mamaroneck's first. They defeated Lexington (Massachusetts) and James Madison (Virginia) in the Semi-Finals to secure the bids.

Congrats to Zara/Lucy for advancing to elimination rounds, another exciting trip by a WUDL team to elims, and shout outs to Michelle/Kailey and Dennis/Alexa for their strong 3-3 performances as well. Overall, teams from 15 states were represented, including folks from 7 different Urban Debate Leagues.

In the JV Division, Georgetown Independent (Sidwell), defeated some of our own, Dash and Samantha, in the final round, while Lexington defeated Georgetown Independent in the Novice Division. Jener/Akesh were also in elims at the JV level.

This competition (or most things we do) wouldn't be possible without our amazing WUDL volunteer community. 30 fantastic volunteers from the WUDL made this possible. Greg Almeida, Jess Berenson, Tara Bhagat, Steven Burnett, Chris Cain, Darrian Carroll, Eric Clarke, Richard Day, Danielle Dupree, Michael Fuentes, Jonathan Geldof, Marc Goldman, Jonathan Gonzalez, Ohm Gore, Monica Hanratty, Alex Lennon, Sam Li, Julia Lynch, Jessica Moore, Anne Peckham, Raffi Piliero, Timothee Pinet, Renee Reneau, Gabe Ritter, Nate Salminen, David Seidman, Kevin Tezi, Guillermo Vidaurre, James Wylie, and our own Sierra Wood.

A huge shout out to my co-tabber, Aubrey Semple. It was a pleasure to learn from and work with you this weekend.

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