Celebrating our Staff: Happy WUDL Anniversary Dara and Sierra!

The WUDL has always been a large, vibrant community of supporters, making our great work possible in the greater Washington area. We have some amazing volunteers who go above and beyond year after year, we could not do our work without you.

As paid staff, however, the WUDL was a team of one for a long time. I wore all of the hats, coaching teams, developing curriculum, recruiting and training volunteers, and raising some money on the side. We built a great foundation, but we hit a ceiling. As the league grew, we needed more folks to help support our great mission, I couldn't support further programs properly.

Dara first started working with the WUDL as an instructor at summer camp, teaching our Transition to Varsity Lab with Dr. Price. The debaters gravitated to her immediately, and she volunteered for leadership roles when needed. A year later, while celebrating her birthday, we sat down to discuss joining the team, and the rest is history. She's helped us expand to 11 new schools during the pandemic, defend our MS Nationals Title, and most importantly, helped students develop a love for debate and built strong relationships with our coaches along the way.

Sierra was a volunteer coach at DC Prep Edgewood for two years, leading them to win Districts in the Novice Division, and building a great little squad at one of our oldest schools. As development professional, she went from Building Hope to the DCCC while still coaching the DC Prep kids. As the league grew, we needed more resources to pay coaches and staff, host tournaments, and all of the myriad of other things that go into running the league. Sierra joined the team in the middle of the pandemic, helping us keep afloat, and positioning us for long-term success.

Now, as we emerge from the pandemic, we're hiring again. Expanding our staff will give us the ability to serve more schools and more students, and continue to spread the gossip of debate far and wide. Get ready to welcome our newest team member in the next week or two, and to hear more about the exciting things we have in store for 2022 and beyond!

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