WUDL Goes Digital!

As the Corona virus brings many basic facets of society to a halt, students have gone home to continue their education online. The WUDL is following them online, launching an array of weekly debate programs, all virtually though Google Classrooms and Zoom.

Primarily focused on the 2020-2021 debate topic, Criminal Justice Reform, the programs include book clubs, live debates, multi-media exploration of the upcoming topic, guided readings, and evaluation of speeches recorded at home.

The WUDL is acutely aware of the digital divide in our community. One study reported that 52% of D.C. public school students didn't have reliable access to internet at home outside of a smart-phone. Thankfully, many schools and corporations are rising to the challenge to make digital access available for all during the crisis.

While these programs will never replace our traditional programming and in person tournaments, they are a good substitute to sustain and grow the debate community during the Corona driven period of social distancing.

In addition, we are excited to share that the Middle School National Tournament has been re-constituted in an online form. Students from around the nation will gather (from their homes) to close out the Arms Sales topic on May 2nd and 3rd, 2020. Congrats once again to our national qualifiers:

Stephanie Macieko and Tremayne Bivens (Benjamin Tasker)

Joey Villaflor and Jener Balk (Capital City)

Akesh Malia and Kaylin Raynor (Capital City)

Cordell Eddings and Stanley Azoroh (EL Haynes)

David Sipos and Samantha Perkins (Inspired Teaching)

Brooke Roberson and Naimh Donovan (Washington Latin)

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