WUDL Travel Team Breaks at Lexington Invitational

Our weekend at Lexington reminded me of an important skill that we forget about a lot in debate: Grit. Friday night, our flight to Boston was supposed to take off at 10pm, but was delayed to 11pm, then to 1am, then to 5am the next day. We head to a hotel, where the students only get to sleep for an hour, if they slept at all. We return to the airport and our flight took off! By the time we land there is no time for the students to sleep, change, or even shower. We arrive at the tournament 10 minutes before the students must start debating and with no complaints, the debaters went straight to their rounds and start competing.

They could have let our hectic flight situation hold them back but they persevered and pulled through! We had one team clear to partial octos and another team go 3-3. I would have been proud of their performance regardless of their record but to see that level of commitment from our students was truly inspiring.

"The Lexington tournament was a great opportunity personally and for the league. During the rounds that we had, I learned about ahistorical facts and movements. For example, our opponents during round 3 talked about the Zapatistas movement which happened in Mexico and we discussed how American arms sales are uniquely destabilizing in Mexico and can derail movements. Our conclusion was that we should stop the domestic production of assault rifles since they get smuggled in, we provided empirical and statistical proof that doing so worked in the past. In the following debate, we talked about the 1033 program and how it was used to commit structural violence on black folx. This opened my eyes on how the Trumpian era of society plays a role in our everyday lives and the importance of voting. In addition to that, I saw fellow debaters from previous tournaments and caught up with them (in terms of conversation). We also got to better know our fellow WUDL teams on the local circuit, we helped them out and cheered them on before the rounds. Overall this was an enlightening experience that will leave a mark on how I view the arms transfer deal and debate as a whole."- Justin

"Getting to go to the Lexington Debate Tournament was an amazing experience. Not only did I get to go to one of the biggest tournaments of the year and debate some of the best teams, but getting to see debaters that I had seen at other tournaments made me feel apart of the debate community. The Lexington tournament exposed me to new forms of arguments that I had never seen before. Getting to travel around the city of Boston and seeing the Harvard campus was also a fun experience" -Lola

"Lexington was a very fun and educational experience. There was a very clear difference between debating styles among teams from different states and schools nationally. Competing at the Lexington tournament allowed for Lola and I to push ourselves and think critically about arguments that we do not hit at the local level, while engaging in bigger debates that we don't usually get to have. Bonding with the other teams was also very fun and established a better sense of community between us and in the league, allowing for better debates at the local tournaments." -Paola

"Going to Lexington was an amazing opportunity because not only did I get to compete at a rigorous level, but I also got to explore Boston and bond with other WUDL debaters. With each round I was exposed to a new case or strategy, and I emerged with a better understanding of my own arguments, as well as thoughtful judge feedback. After hours of intense debating, we had a lot of fun running around Boston- from walking through bookstores, to taking pictures along the Freedom Trail. It was an unforgettable chance to grow as both a debater and as a member of the WUDL community!" -Zara

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