Young Women of WUDL Attend National Security Simulation at Finnish Embassy

As part of our partnership with the Forum on the Arms Trade, WUDL students were able to participate at a really cool event at the Embassy of Finland. The event, sponsored by Girls Security, centered around young women interested in pursuing a career in National Security. Women (especially those of color) are not well represented in the security space, and we'd love to have some of our alumni bring their perspectives to the decision-making table someday.

Middle School Student Stephanie Macieko had this to say about her experience:

"In the beginning, I was a little lost as to what I had gotten myself into...but when we did the simulation, it became very clear. National Security is a lot like debate in certain ways. We were given a task that we had to create a plan for, represent, and defend. Just like we do in debate. I found the task uncomfortably easy. I knew every option we could implement off the top of my head. I believe Girl Security is a great opportunity for female debaters to explore because it gives them a new view on career development and how their interests/hobbies can benefit them throughout life."

On Right: Students from Browne EC at the Finnish Embassy

Stay tuned for more great field trips, public debates, and more from the Washington Urban Debate League and our great partners!

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