WUDL Travel Team Has Great Trip to Wake Forest

Just one week after competing in the WUDL Season Opener, some of our top varsity teams hit the road to compete at the Wake Forest Invitational in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. During the five hour drive to the tournament, the students worked on perfecting their 2AC blocks and negative strategies. Even though the students were from different schools and technically each others competition, they still worked together as one because a win for one was a win for the group and the League! Our debaters got to experience new arguments, judges, and even got a chance to talk to the Director of Debate at Wake Forest University about the team and scholarship opportunities.

The trip wasn't just all about debate, there was some fun too! While in North Carolina, we had to make a stop at a Waffle House. This was the first time any of our students had ever eaten there and they loved it. We were also able to explore Wake Forest's campus, which really helped the students imagine what their life might be like if they chose to attend the university. In all, we had an amazing time, learned a lot about the skills the students need to work on, and the trip helped grow our WUDL bond.

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