WUDL Kicks Off The Year....With 16 New Debate Teams!

The mission of the Washington Urban Debate League is to support debate programs at publicly funded schools in D.C. and the surrounding areas. Someday, we dream of reaching every single school in the region and making a high quality debate program available to them.

This year, we're taking a big step in that direction in D.C. After serving 39 schools last year, we are adding at least 14 new schools, and re-building several lapsed programs, all across D.C.:

  • Basis DC (PCS, Ward 2)

  • Bard Early College (DCPS, Ward 7)

  • Center City Brightwood (PCS, Ward 4)

  • Cesar Chavez (PCS, Ward 7)

  • Friendship Armstrong (PCS, Ward 5

  • Friendship Collegiate (PCS, Ward 7)

  • Friendship Tech (PCS, Ward 8)

  • Ida B Wells (DCPS, Ward 4)

  • Jefferson Academy (DCPS Ward 6)

  • Kipp Somerset (PCS Ward 7)

  • Oyster Adams (DCPS, Ward 3)

  • Paul (PCS, Ward 4)

  • School Without Walls (DCPS, Ward 3)

  • Theodore Roosevelt (DCPS Ward 5)

Welcome Back:

  • Browne EC (DCPS, Ward 5)

  • Stuart Hobson (DCPS, Ward 6)

This would not be possible without the assistance of our Board, Volunteers, and Donors, or without the efforts of our new Program Coordinator, Dara Davis!

We aren't done growing yet, and won't stop making great opportunities available for students in D.C.!

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