WUDL Students Debate Drone Tech at Escape Velocity Tech Conference

Michelle, Ernest, and Jonathan (DuVal) versus Assiata, Marques, and Ayana (Fredrick Douglas)

Jonathan won a cool prize after being named the best debater by the audience and judges

The WUDL believes that young people have a lot to say about the issues of the day, and knows that they'll make the case with more grace, facts, and persuasion than most political leaders.

As a result, we are always looking for cool ways for our students to speak their minds in front of a variety of audiences.

Over Memorial Day, DuVal and Fredrick Douglass High Schools debated drone technology at the largest tech conference in the D.C. area, Escape Velocity. Hosted at the MGM in Prince George's County, the conference brought together thousands of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, sci-fi fans, and more for an array of presentations, demonstrations, and symposiums.

In front of a packed audience, Fredrick Douglass (Aff) lost to DuVal (Neg) on the issue of regulating drones. A quickly emerging technology that could be used everywhere from the military to Amazon deliveries, farming, and geo-engineering, drones caught the imagination of our students, and encouraged robust debate.

The judges and audience voted Jonathan Collins best debater, and a cool prize for his dedication. Many thanks to WUDL Board Member Jay Cox (Northrop Grumman) for serving as a one of 3 VIP judges for the debate.

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