WUDL Kicks off 2019-20 School Recruiting with New North Middle School

Expanding our staff means being able to recruit new schools and expand our footprint to new programs across the D.C. area.

Our first new recruit for 2019-20 is actually quite personal for me. As a new homeowner in Ward 4, I want to contribute to a strong and vibrant educational ecosystem where my future children can attend vibrant schools.

DCPS is creating a new middle school, recently named after Ida B Wells, the noted journalist. The school will be the first DCPS school named for an African American Woman. Ida B Wells Middle School will be housed on the campus of Coolidge High School. This program will draw middle school students from LaSalle, Takoma, Whittier, and Brightwood Education Campuses, which will transition to elementary only programs. Their first 6th grade class will begin in 2019, and we'll be on the ground with them, working to supplement the school's SEM education plan.

We look forward to working with Principal Vroman and getting to know her students starting this summer!


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