WUDL Wins Urban Debate MS Championship, Octofinalists at UDNC

This past weekend, the students from the WUDL participated in multiple national tournaments, the Urban Debate National Championship and the MS Urban Debate National Tournament. We had quite a weekend.

By the numbers:

Entries in HS: 2 Teams (DCI, DuVal)

Entries in MS: 6 Teams (Kenmoor, Greenbelt, Hardy, and Washington Latin)

Teams in elimination rounds: 6

Teams with losing records: 0

Speaker Awards: 7

Times we've won these awards before: 0

High School:

DuVal's Jonathan Collins and Ernest Ntangu finished as the 9th best team in the nation. They broke to elimination rounds, and lost the octo-final round on a 2-1 decision. Jonathan was named 10th overall speaker.

DC International's Paola Almendarez and Lola Rogin were the only freshmen in the tournament, but still finished with a 3-3 record. They rallied from a 0-2 start, a testament to their resilience and character.

Middle School:

Aisha Bah and Maya Cleveland (Kenmoor) won the Urban Debate MS National Championship. They didn't lose a single round the entire tournament, dominating the competition.

They weren't the only standout WUDL students in the competition:

Greenbelt's Chloe Mshana and Isabel Ramirez finished in 2nd Place

Greenbelt's Christione Elizabeth Johnson and Lexi Clarke finished 3rd

Kenmoor's Asha Verma and Isatou Jawara were Quarterfinalists

Hardy's Katrina Tracy and Juliette Krevat were Quarterfinalists

Washington Latin's Jackson Lewis and D'Andre Person were 11th overall

Speaker Awards:

1st: Aisha Bah, Kenmoor

2nd: Chloe Mshana, Greenbelt

3rd: Maya Cleveland, Kenmoor

4th: Asha Verma, Kenmoor

5th: Christione Elizabeth Johnson, Greenbelt

9th: Isatou Jawara, Kenmoor

14th: Juliette Krevat, Hardy

Of the teams that broke to elimination rounds at the middle school level, 3/4 semi-finalists were from the WUDL, and 5/8 of the quarter-finalists. Additionally, all 10 members of the 5 teams in elimination rounds were incredible young women.

We are so proud of our competitors. They show the rigor and high expectations we have for students in the WUDL, and the hard work that students across the region are doing.

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