WUDL Fall/Winter Newsletter

WUDL Community,

This past semester has been an amazing journey, made possible by generous donors and volunteers like you. At the end of last season, the plan for the coming year was consolidation and fundraising to expand our staff for 2019. Somewhere along the way, we still expanded to new schools, traveled to more regional competitions, and served more students.

DuVal’s Sandra Romualdo (and Sonia Habib) debate at GDS 2018

[endif]--This year’s debate over Immigration is reminiscent of the national debate in this country. Students cover issues that are splattered across the front page of newspapers across the nation such as the Muslim Ban and the Border Wall, but also considered more nuanced issues that have flown beneath the radar. At the outset, students expressed concerns over articulating negative strategies that avoid demonizing or scapegoating immigrants. They have risen to the challenge and the quality of debate is robust, with both sides offering detailed, nuanced, and fact based arguments about a key issue that defines the future of this country. Some of our leaders in Congress should swing by a tournament and see how it’s done.

This spring, the WUDL is excited to announce that we will be hiring at least one if not two people, a Program Assistant and a Development Director.

[endif]--Tis the season for seniors to finish college applications, many as the first in their family to do so. Early decision responses are expected soon, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates!

Join us next semester for a packed schedule of events, with 4 local tournaments, multiple travel opportunities and public debates, the WUDL – Citi Financial Literacy Debates, and more. We’ve served more than 426 students already this semester (!) and need your help to keep up the momentum this year.

I’d like to offer a special thanks to three volunteers that have gone above and beyond this semester, giving more than 100 hours of their time and talents to support area students. All three are new to the WUDL family this year:

David Leo: Assistant Debate Coach, Eastern High School: 118 Hours

Jeff Hallock: Assistant Debate Coach, Washington Latin PCS: 118 Hours

Darrian Carroll: Assistant Debate Coach, Charles Flowers High School: 142 Hours

The regular season returns on January 19th at Alice Deal Middle School! We hope to see you all there to kick off another great semester.

David Trigaux, WUDL Program Director

Upcoming Events:

>WUDL Winter Classic

January 19th at Alice Deal Middle School

The WUDL will kick off the 2nd half of the regular season, and needs YOU to volunteer a few hours of your Saturday to judge some debate rounds.

Sign Up Today: http://www.urbandebatewashingtondc.org/volunteer-signup

>WUDL Advisory Board Happy Hour

Jan 19th at Comet Pizza from 6-8 PM, after our first tournament of the year

Join members of the WUDL community for drinks, snacks, and to hear about upcoming volunteering opportunities. Prizes available to the volunteers who brings the most friends!

>WUDL Goes to Philadelphia

Feb. 1st and 2nd, Pennsbury High School, Pennsylvania

WUDL will take the area’s best and brightest to a regional competition.

>WUDL National Qualifier

February 23rd at Capital City PCS cellspacing="0" width="100%"

The WUDL will choose its national qualifiers at the middle and high school level, and needs YOU to volunteer a few hours of your Saturday to help us choose!

Sign Up Today: http://www.urbandebatewashingtondc.org/volunteer-signup

Alexa Figoura and Dennis Martinez win the first trophies in Northwestern Debate history[endif]--

Upcoming the rest of the semester:

>Registration Opens: Matthew H Ornstein Washington Summer Debate Institute 2019

Late Feb/Early March

>WUDL March Madness:

March 16th at Greenbelt Middle School

>DMV Urban Debate Regionals:

April 6th at Greenbelt Middle School

>Urban Debate National Championship

April 11th – 14th at Georgetown University

>2nd Annual WUDL—Citi Financial Literacy Debates

April 27th at Friendship Collegiate Academy (tentative)

>2nd Annual WUDL – DCPS Atticus Finch Debates

TBD at Howard University

> WUDL – Tech Duels Public Debate

Memorial Day Weekend at Escape Velocity Tech Conference.

WUDL is Growing!

The WUDL is ready to grow and take its next steps as an organization. To do so, we are looking to hire at least one staff member in Spring 2019, and add several members to our governing board.

Program Assistant:

This individual will have a background in competitive debate, preferably policy debate. They will travel to the 40+ partner schools of the WUDL and work with the Program Director to provide technical assistance to coaches and students at practices and tournaments. They will serve on staff of all WUDL tournaments, help prepare curricular materials and do other work to support the organization as needed. The ideal candidate will have experience working as a teacher or coach for multiple seasons and enthusiasm for working with young people.

Director of Development:

This individual will have a fundraising background in the non-profit space or other comparable experience. They will support our grant-writing, individual giving, and other fundraising efforts, and be able to assist the organization in other capacities as necessary. This individual does not need a background in debate, though an interest in education is preferred.

WUDL Advisory and Governing Boards:

[endif]--The WUDL Governing and Advisory Boards gather individuals from all walks of life to support the Washington Urban Debate League, both through their strategic guidance, leadership, and advocacy, and through their financial contributions/fundraising efforts. Individuals should expect to attend monthly board or committee meetings.

Those interested in learning more should email David.Trigaux@urbandebate.org to learn more.

Greenbelt’s Isabel Ramirez and Chloe Mshana show of their trophies at the Greenbelt Tournament in Nov.

WUDL Travel Team (DuVal, CHEC, Flowers, Kenmoor, and Latin) competed at the Georgetown Day School Invitational. Many thanks to all of the volunteers that came out and helped our students prepare for the event!

2018-2019 First Half in Review:

After School Debate Program:

We served 440 students and 39 schools through all of 2017-2018. We’ve already served 422 students from 37 schools this semester alone. Student retention and engagement numbers are up, despite starting more than 10 new programs across the area.

Flower’s Rophy Paul and Nellsie Harris show off their trophies at Capital City in Oct.

Competitive Highlights from Fall 2018:

>DuVal High School has continued its dominant run, taking a significant early lead in the Sweepstakes Cup race. Ernest Ntangu and Jonathan Collins have only lost a single round so far in Varsity on the local circuit, and teammates Danielle Dupree, Bilqiis Shiekh-Issa, Sandra Romualdo, Sonia Habib, Mak Aneke, and Pearl Mambo have all won multiple trophies in Varsity.

>Charles Flowers High School’s Rophy Paul and Nellsie Harris have lost 1 round in their first three tournaments ever, even after moving up to the Junior Varsity Division. We expect them in Varsity by the end of the year.

>Washington Latin’s Maxwell Burton and Brandon Souverain went undefeated the first two tournaments of the semester in Junior Varsity, earning them a trip to New York, and Varsity.

>Eastern High School’s Kaffe Grimes and Chauncey Roscoe won the school’s first ever trophies in Novice in November, and made their JV debut in December.

>Northwestern High School’s Dennis Martinez and Alexa Figueroa won 5th place in Junior Varsity in November, and 6th place in December, the school’s first awards in three years.

>Washington Leadership Academy’s Tamia Murphy and Kemani-Dakar Covington also won their school’s first awards ever and moved to JV already this fall.

>Fredrick Douglass High School’s Marques Anderson, debating alone, won the school’s first awards in two years in the JV Division.

height="119" src="file:///C:\Users\Trigaux\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image020.jpg" align="right" hspace="12" /Travel Team:

The WUDL Travel Team was busy this semester, competing at Georgetown Day School and at the NY Fall Face-off at Mamaroneck High School in New York City. DuVal’s Ernest Ntangu and Jonathan Collins led the way with 3 wins at each tournament, putting them close to elimination rounds despite facing more experienced competition.

WUDL Travel Team (CHEC, Latin, DuVal, and Capital City) at the NYC Fall Face-Off in Dec. 2018

Volunteers: WUDL Volunteers have gone above and beyond this semester. We are on track to surpass last year’s total volunteer hours by more than 1000 hours. The average volunteer has already participated as much at the half way point this semester as they did all of last year.


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