WUDL Travel Team Goes to NYC!

This past weekend, the WUDL Travel Team adventured forth to the New York Fall Face-Off, a gathering of teams from across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This tournament was larger than Georgetown Day's Invitational, and boasted some heavyweight schools not represented their either such as Bronx Science (NY), Lexington (MA), and Stuyvesant (NY).

Never the less, WUDL teams persevered, and essentially replicated their performances from Georgetown Day against a larger and more experienced pool of opponents. Once again, DuVal High School led the way. Senior Jonathan Collins and Junior Ernest Ntangu finished with a 3-3 record, defeating teams from XXXX along the way.

Many thanks to WUDL Volunteer Darrian Carroll who accompanied the teams to New York. Darrian is a PHD student at the University of Maryland, and a former debater (Texas) and debate coach (UNLV, now Flowers HS) himself, helping our teams be as prepared as possible for the weekend's challenges


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