Summer Camp Preparations!

Preparations for the 4th annual Matthew H Ornstein Summer Debate Institute are well under way! This year, there are two big changes to the summer institute.

1. Novice Debaters will (mostly) attend for two weeks instead of just one. This will provide 55% more instructional time, and hopefully inspire them to compete during the academic year.

2. We are growing again! Last summer's institute hosted 91 students. We've offered seats to 156 students this year, hoping to get at least 120 to attend.

Core files are almost done! We are preparing a diverse array of files that hopefully get students to think about a wide array of topics surrounding immigration.


Economic Based Visas Affirmative

TPS Refugee Affirmative

Environment Disadvantage

Wages Disadvantage


Junior Varsity:

Agricultural Workers Affirmative

Pathway to Citizenship Affirmative

Politics Disadvantage

Courts Counterplan

Capitalism Kritik

Security Kritik


China Brain Drain Affirmative

Diversity Visa Affirmative

DACA/Dreamer Affirmative

U.S. - Mexico Relations Disadvantage

Alt Right Backlash Disadvantage

Illiberal Democracy Disadvantage

African Brain Drain Disadvantage

Settlerism Kritik

Borders Kritik

Advantage Counterplan Toolbox

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