WUDL Season 2017-2018 Has Started!

240 students. 27 schools. 76 judges. A ridiculous (in a good way) number of parents, administrators, and other observers. 7 teams entered at least 7 teams, showing growth within schools. Its so easy to measure success by numbers and let them tell the story of an event or organization. In some ways, we're floored that the WUDL has grown so much. Capital City (many thanks for hosting us!) was almost out of space!

This was by far our largest tournament, and for that we are very proud. We're furthermore looking forward to November when most of those observers (and the 5/6 schools that had homecoming this past weekend) jump in as competitors.

Its also important to remember the qualitative reasons why this tournament is a success. Sometimes its unexpected victories: Browne EC, competing in their first tournament ever, took home the top speaker trophy in Novice. Lawrence of Banneker was one of my best students at the Matthew H Ornstein Summer Debate Institute in 2016, then proceeded to have one of the roughest seasons we've seen, going winless in most tournaments last year. This year? She won the tournament in Varsity, and took home a speaker award. Lewis of Washington Latin has always been one of the youngest debaters in his division. He was promoted to JV late last year, and they didn't do well, only mustering 2 wins in 3 tournaments. After attending the summer institute, he still wanted to drop down to Novice, intimidated by the competition in J.V. After this weekend, we know he belongs, taking home a speaker award.

Alice Deal, in their first tournament back in the WUDL made their mark, dominating the novice division and having a strong showing in the JV Division. Teams from Oyster Adams and Columbia Heights have also debated their last JV rounds, demonstrating their readiness for Varsity with dominant performances this weekend. Here are this past weekend's results:


Lawrence and Sadler (Banneker)

Lowenstein and Frone (DCI)

Francis and Crouch (Banneker)

Dupree and Ntangu (DuVal)

Collins and Young (DuVal)


Escobar and Williams (Oyster Adams)

Bell and Fox (Alice Deal)

Clarke and Temesgen (Columbia Heights)

Sun and Wilson (Greenbelt)

Halm and Glover (Largo)


Rogan and Cloutier (Alice Deal)

Mambo and Sheikh-Issa (DuVal)

Peay and Francis (Banneker)

Abrams and Chamberlain (Alice Deal)

Filmer and Fuld (Alice Deal)

Individual Speakers:


Blass (Bowie)

Crouch (Banneker)

Smith (Bowie)

Sadler (Banneker)

Lawrence (Banneker)


Clarke (Columbia Heights)

Fox (Alice Deal)

Escobar (Oyster Adams)

Aneke (DuVal)

Lewis (Washington Latin)


Williams (Browne EC)

Rogan (Alice Deal)

Addison (Banneker)

Cruz (Capital City)

Barnette (Alice Deal)

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