Georgetown Day School 2017

This past weekend, WUDL students from DC International, Banneker High School, and DuVal High School attended Georgetown Day School's annual Invitational tournament. While GDS is one of the most difficult tournaments in the nation, attracting highly competitive teams from Florida, California, Texas, and across the nation, WUDL students held their own. Every team won rounds, and came away psyched and ready for the season.

For more than half of the students attending, this was their first taste of regional competition. Beyond the speed, technical skill and experience of their opponents, the sheer unpredictability of a broad topic like this one made this tournament challenging. Students faced cases ranging from overturning Freidrichs V California Teacher's Association to Career and Technical Education and Ending Abstinence Only Sexual Education.

The biggest takeaway from this tournament is the wonderful volunteer core that turned out this past weekend.

A huge thank you must go out to our volunteer team, old and new! Georgetown Day was extremely generous, letting us trade extra judging for our entry fees. Thus, we saved a lot of money, and gave our 4 teams more coaching and support than any other school there, something I'm incredibly proud of. As an Urban Debate League, we look to level the playing field for our students, helping them get the educational benefits of debate that wouldn't otherwise be available without us. A small part of that is supporting them at big regional competitions as much as any elite private institution.

If you see any of the following folks at upcoming events, be sure to give them an extra thank you:

Patrick McMullen and Coach Homol of DC International

Aaron Torop and Nate Salminen (Coaching Banneker)

Michael Franklin, Coach Price, Kaylen Herring, Julie Sweet, and Dayna Wolters (Coaching DuVal)

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