Washington Urban Debate League Year Long Awards!

The WUDL recognizes students, teams, coaches, and volunteers that made a huge impact over the course of the entire season.


Sweepstakes: Largo High School

The Sweepstakes Cup is awarded to the best team in the WUDL based on their competitive success over the entire season.

Honorable Mention: DCI, Banneker, and Oyster Adams

Best Team--DC: DC International School

Honorable Mentions: Banneker, Oyster Adams, and Stuart Hobson

Best Team--PG: Bowie High School

Honorable Mentions: DuVal and Kettering

Student Choice Award--Best Team: Largo High School


High School Debater of the Year: Keoni Scott-Reid, Largo High School

Honorable Mention: Ayia Evans, Banneker High School, Angel Miranda, Capital City

Middle School Debater of the Year: Addie Lowenstein, DC International

Honorable Mention: Clara Shapiro, Oyster Adams, Layla Frone, DC International

Best New Debaters:

Middle School, DC: Kaia Retherford, Oyster Adams

Honorable Mention: Eva Manegio, Clara Shapiro, Oyster Adams, Dash Thompson and Adam Soltani, Stuart Hobson

Middle School, PG: Roger Garmon, Samuel Ogle

Honorable Mention, Colby Cureton, Greenbelt, Courtney Houston, Eisenhower

High School, DC: Kani Green, EL Haynes

Honorable Mention: Angel Miranda, Kimberly Hernandez, Capital City,

High School, PG: Noah Hinant, Largo

Honorable Mention: Paris Smalley, Charles Flowers, Terris Johnson, Autumn Wilson, Bowie, Jonathan Collins, Iyonna Young, DuVal

Student Choice Award--Debater of the Year: Paola Almendarez, DC International

Judge's Choice Award--Debater of the Year: Addie Lowenstein, DC International

Student Choice Award--Best Dressed: Kimberly Hernandez, Capital City

Volunteer of the Year: Jon Alfuth, US Department of Education

Coach of the Year: Kai Sam Ng, Capital City

Special Coaching Award: Patrick McMullen, Stuart Hobson/US House of Reps.

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