Citi Foundation Urban Debate Regionals 2017 Results!

May 1, 2017


The last tournament of the year is in the books, and what a year it has been!


The WUDL has grown:

From 7 teams to 29 schools

From 126 students to 318 students

From 65 volunteers to 178 volunteers


The WUDL has flourished:

Qualified two excellent teams to Nationals

Traveled to and won their first award at regional competition

Introduced a JV division as novices improved

More students in JV and Varsity than Novice at the regional tournament 


This past weekend, we had another big tournament, filling all of the available rooms at Brookland Middle School. 


Varsity: Teams 

1st: Oyster Adams Retherford and Manegio

2nd: Largo Scott-Reid and Hinant

3rd: Banneker Evans and Nash

4th: DCI Lowenstein and Frone

5th: Stuart Hobson's Soltani and Thompson



1st: Retherford, Oyster Adams

2nd: Manegio, Oyster Adams

3rd: Evans, Banneker

4th: Green, EL Haynes

5th: Young, DuVal



Junior Varsity: Teams

1st: Charles Flowers Westbrook and Horton

2nd: High Point Vaughn and Edosa

3rd: Bowie Smith and Bethea

4th: Capital City Nguyen and Hernandez

5th: High Point Amsalu and Joya



1st: Edosa, High Point

2nd: Smith, Bowie

3rd, McPhie, Oyster Adams

4th, Halm, Largo

5th, Hernandez, Capital City


Novice: Teams

1st: Banneker Peay and Brown

2nd: DCI Rogin and Weems

3rd: Samuel Ogle Walker and Garmon

4th: Largo Coates

5th: Bowie Tengen and Tezi



1st: Munsat, Capital City

2nd: Brown, Banneker

3rd, Coates, Largo

4th, Rogin, DCI

5th: Tengen, Bowie




















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