WUDL Wilson Tournament Results!

The WUDL held their 7th tournament of the year at Wilson High School in NW D.C. This was the last chance for students to practice their skills before the Citi Foundation Urban Debate Regional Finals, hosted this year by Brookland Middle School on April 29th.

The results are in for this tournament, and Prince George's County took 1st place in every division, an impressive feat!

In Novice, Sam Ogle's Garmon and Walker took first place, Greenbelt's Wilson and Sun took 2nd, Columbia Height's Clarke took 3rd, and Eisenhower's Houston took 4th, earning themselves a trip to the JV Division. Greenbelt's Ogunmola and McCoullough placed 5th, and DC International's Houge and Teasdale took 6th.

Greenbelt's McCoullough was also named Top Speaker.

In JV, Kettering's Cureton and Brown took first place, Stuart Hobson's Turner and Sturr took 2nd, High Point's Centeno and Littlejohn took 3rd, Capital City's Encarnacion and Nguyen took 4th, and Oyster Adam's McPhie and Elamine took 5th. Oyster Adams' Ecenbarger and Csedik (6th) and Quispe Lopez and Davis (7th) and Stuart Hobson's Wilson and Williams (8th) narrowly missed placing.

Kettering's Cureton took the Top Speaker award, her second of the year.

In Varsity, Largo's Scott-Reid and Hinant took first place, their fourth tournament victory of the year. EL Haynes' Green and Reyes took 2nd, their best performance to date, while Banneker's Sadler and Francis took 3rd, Capital City's Miranda took 4th, and Bowie's Wilson and Johnson took 5th.

Making her Varsity debut, Charles Flower's Smalley was named Top Speaker.

Congrats to the winners, we'll see you on April 29th at Brookland MS

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