WUDL Goes To Pennsbury 2017!

The core mission of the Washington Urban Debate League is to serve as an innovative vehicle to inspire students to learn and grow. Getting students to a few debates changes how they think, and puts them on the path to future success.

Sometimes, that is working with new students to learn the basics, and sometimes that means looking for new ways to keep our most dedicated students challenged. Last weekend, the WUDL took 10 students up to the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational to do just that.

The Pennsbury Falcon is a large regional competition in Philadelphia that brings together competitors from Virginia to Massachusetts through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The level of competition at this tournament is higher than anything our students have seen, and the diversity of different arguments and approaches to the topic pose a unique challenge to our students.

As a credit to the students and their coaches's hard work, our students were up to the challenge. Every team won rounds and came away ready for more travel tournaments and challenges.

DCI's Almendarez and Chiu led the way, going 3-2 and narrowly missing elimination rounds, despite being the only middle school students in the JV pool.

DCI's Frone and Lowenstein and Capital City's Hernandez and Miranda went 2-3 in the JV division, while in Varsity, Largo's Scott-Reid and Hinant went 2-3 and Banneker's Evans and Nash went 1-4, despite facing much more experienced competition.

These results got our students excited for more, and validate our approach to training high quality debaters. We're excited to come back next year and get even better results!

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