WUDL's Largest Tournament Yet!

We're ecstatic to announce another incredible tournament from the WUDL. Working with our new partner schools from Prince George's County, we hosted more than 80 teams from 27 schools this past Saturday at Capital City PCS. (Capital City is an incredibly beautiful school, we kept getting asked why we can't host there every time!)

To provide some context for this, we had 23 teams attend our tournament in September. We've grown by a factor of four in four months, and I'm looking forward to our tournament in Feb. at Columbia Heights Ed Campus. They have 82 classrooms, (space for 164 teams) and I'd love to fill every single space.

This tournament stands out for another reason, it serves as 1/2 of our qualifiers for UDL Nationals in Chicago. Two teams and their coaches will get an all expense paid trip to the National Tournament, and face down the top teams from the other 23 urban debate leagues.

The results are in, and many of our new teams made their mark early. The top story, however, is another dominant performance by DC International. Frone and Lowenstein went undefeated, winning their second tournament of the year in Varsity (despite being middle schoolers), while their teammates Almendarez and Chiu placed 3rd. Scott-Reid and Hinant (Largo) placed 2nd, putting DCI and Largo into a tie for our year-long sweepstakes trophy with three tournaments left to go.

Newcomers Wilson and Johnson from Bowie HS took 4th place, and Reyes and Green (EL Haynes), debating in Varsity for the first time, took the 5th place trophy. Evans and Nash (Banneker), previously undefeated, took 6th place, while Collins and Young from DuVal grabbed 7th.

The individual speaker awards looked a lot like the overall standings, with Scott-Reid (Largo) taking 1st, Lowenstein and Frone (DCI) taking 2nd and 3rd, Hinant (Largo) taking 4th, and Almendarez (DCI) taking 5th.

In the Novice Division, we have some folks who are clearly ready for a bigger challenge. Soltani and Thompson continued their incredible run, again going undefeated and taking 1st place. Oladeinde and Mbaye (Bowie) took 2nd and Westbrook and Smalley (Flowers) took 3rd, both also undefeated. Seaman and Rice (Fredrick Douglas) placed 4th, Walker and Garmon (Samuel Ogle) took 5th. Turner and Sturr (Stuart Hobson) took 6th, and Teasdale and Houge (DCI) took 7th.

The individual awards were even more competitive, with some new programs winning their first trophies. Smalley (Flowers) took 1st, Seaman (Fredrick Douglas) took 2nd, Soltani (Stuart Hobson) took 3rd, Garmon (Samuel Ogle) took 4th, Jackson (Bowie) took 5th, Houston (Eisenhower) took 6th, and Cureton (Kettering) took 7th.

Due to the high level of competition and the sheer size of the Novice division, we'll be establishing a JV division starting in Feb. Students will have the chance to run any case in the WUDL packets, and use any of the negative tools available, further expanding their horizons while still

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