Urban Debate National Championship

Attendees at the 2017 Urban Debate National Championship in Chicago 

The Urban Debate National Championship (UDNC) is the culmination of every competitive debate season. More than 11,000 students from urban debate leagues around the county compete for a chance to be one of their league's representatives at this highly competitive tournament. The UDNC is rotated around the country each year, and hosts the top two teams from each league.

We're incredibly proud of our qualifiers to the UDNC: 

Justin Sayoto, Ernest Ntangu, Paola Almendarez, and Lola Rogin

DuVal High School and DC International School, 2020

Not Pictured: Coach Wilborn, DuVal, and Coaches Nace and McMullen, DCI

UDNC Cancelled by COVID

Jonathan Collins, Coach Omar Price, and Ernest Ntangu

DuVal High School 2019

Coach Patrick Wilborn (Not Pictured)

Paola Almendarez, Coach Caitlyn Homol, and Lola Rogin

DC International 2019

Coach Patrick McMullen (Not Pictured)

Danielle Dupree, Coach Omar Price, and Ernest Ntangu

DuVal High School 2018

Ayia Evans and Che Obiwuna

Banneker High School 2018

Coach Amanda Zigmond (Not Pictured)

Kevin Tezi, Coach Frantz Deetjen, and Kamryn Jackson

Bowie High School 2018

Coach Frantz Deetjen

Noah Hinant and Keoni Scott-Reid

Largo High School 2017

Coach Monet Hawkins (Not Pictured)

Joy Nash and Ayia Evans

Banneker High School 2017

Coach Amanda Zigmond (Not Pictured)

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