Middle School Urban Debate National Tournament

WUDL Middle School Debaters from 2019: National Champions Maya and Aisha, Finalists Chloe and Isabel, and Semi-Finalists Christione and Lexi after the tournament with their awards

The Urban Debate Middle School National Tournament was born from a recognition that the younger scholars in Urban Debate work just as hard as their older compatriots and deserve a high quality, national, end of season competition to recognize excellence.


This tournament is designed around the middle school students, giving them the best judges, tournament staff, and competitive experience just like their older counterparts, instead of as an after-thought like at other competitions. 

We're proud of our qualifiers: 

2020: Remote, COVID Crisis

Samantha Perkins and David Sipos

National Champions

David: 7th Speaker

Inspired Teaching Demonstration School 

Coach: Maggie Meiman

Jener Balk and Joey Villaflor

2nd Place

Jener: 13th Speaker

Joey: 14th Speaker

Capital City PCS

Coaches: Wil Hawk and Dani Camous 

Tremayne Bivens and Stephanie Macieko

Stephanie: 18th Speaker

Benjamin Tasker Middle School​

Coach: Neetika Singh

Stanley Azoroh and Cordell Eddings


EL Haynes Middle School 

Coach: Zoe Spielvogel 

Simone Joyner and Akesh Malia


6th Speaker: Akesh

Capital City PCS

Coaches: Wil Hawk (pictured) and Dani Camous

Brooke Roberson​ and Naimh O'Donovan


Washington Latin PCS

Coaches: Selah Lee-Bey and Darrian Carroll

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2019: Hardy Middle School, Washington D.C. 

Maya Cleveland and Aisha Bah

2019 National Champions

Aisha: Top Speaker

Maya: 3rd Speaker

Kenmoor Middle School

Coaches: Carol Carter and Beth Novick

Chloe Mshana and Isabel Ramirez

2019 2nd Place

Chloe: 2nd Speaker

Greenbelt Middle School 

Coach: Cesar Fortuna

Lexi Clarke and Christione Johnson

2019 Semi-Finalist

Christione: 5th Place

Greenbelt Middle School

Coach: Cesar Fortuna

Asha Verma and Isatou Jawara

2019 Quarter-Finalist

Asha: 4th Speaker

Isatou: 9th Speaker

Kenmoor Middle School

Coaches: Carol Carter and Beth Novick

Katrina Tracy and Juliette Krevat

2019 Quarter-Finalist


Hardy Middle School

Coaches: Perrine Punwani and Renae Salunga

D'Andre Person and Jackson Lewis

2019 11th Place

Washington Latin PCS

Coaches: Selah Lee-Bey and Jeff Hallock

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