Matthew Harris Ornstein Outstanding Debater Award

The Matthew Harris Ornstein Outstanding Debater Award is one of the most prestigious awards we give out all year. It recognizes students who go above and beyond during the summer institute, demonstrating the sportsmanship, humor, hard work, personal growth, leadership, and competitive success that defined Matthew. 

Any student is eligible to receive the award, even first year novices who are attending debate camp for the first time. Every lab leader nominates a single student, and the nominee is chosen from among those nominees. A student can't be nominated if they have already won the award. 

Dennis Martinez, 2020
Northwestern High School, Class of 2021
Posse Scholar, Lewis and Clarke College
Class of 2024
Munyang Tengen, 2019
Bowie High School
Class of 2020
Howard University
Class of 2024
Asha Verma, 2018
Kenmoor Middle School
Class of 2019
E. Roosevelt High School
Class of 2023
Class of 2027
Jonathan Collins, 2017
DuVal High School
Class of 2019
Harvard University
Class of 2023
Demetrius Sadler, 2016
Banneker High School
Class of 2017
University of Rochester
Class of 2022
Keoni Scott-Reid, 2015
Largo High School
Class of 2017
Garrett College
Class of 2022
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The first three Matthew Harris Ornstein Outstanding Debater Award winners stand with WUDL Program Director David Trigaux and Matthew Ornstein's former debate coach, Jim Gentile at the presentation of the 2017 award at Trinity Washington University.

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