Volunteer Judge Training Resources

Want to be as prepared as possible for your time volunteering with the WUDL? We'd love to help, and have created an array of tools to help you get ready to serve as a judge at our tournaments.

Volunteering with the WUDL is a rare volunteering opportunity that lets you build and develop skills, and engages you intellectually instead of just being a warm body. We'd love to have you become a pro, helping out at the majority of our tournaments each year, and trained to judge even the most advanced Varsity rounds with ease. 

Reading Material

This short document goes over the basics of judging, including speech times/order and some basic tips. Recommended as a cheat sheet even for experienced judges

This manual covers the ins and outs of a policy debate round, and answers a lot of frequently asked questions (We update it as people ask us!) Worth a read, especially for folks interested in judging Junior Varsity or Varsity rounds. 

This is the ballot you'll use to record your decision, filled out for a practice round

Looking to learn more about this year's debate topic, Arms Sales? Look no further. These summaries will get you up to speed in no time on all of the arguments in our starter evidence set, the WUDL Core Files

Video Resources

WUDL Intro to Judging Video
WUDL Intro to Judging Video
This video goes over the basics: How a debate tournament works, what is the role of the judge, and what difference are you making with your volunteer hours.

Topicality? Disadvantage? Impact Calculus? Never miss a beat with this overview to some of the buzzwords debaters use. Recommended reading for all judges, especially those judging advanced rounds.