Financial Literacy Debates

Financial Literacy is an incredibly important knowledge base for young adults to learn in high school, but few emerge from high school equipped to face the challenges of the modern financial world and make smart choices about their financial future. 

The WUDL has partnered with various financial institutions to host a series of Financial Literacy Debates, designed to close the gap and help our students understand key financial literacy concepts and critical financial decisions that students will face soon after graduation. 

The program includes workshops with topic experts to teach key vocabulary and ideas, after school practices to review cross examination and research strategies and tournament prep, culminating in a tournament. The winners of the tournament will face off in a final round a week later in front of an audience of their peers. All finalists will receive a scholarship upon graduation. 

Participating coaches receive an additional stipend for participating. WUDL schools that serve grades 9-12 are eligible.


Tim Neal and Nye Glover of Wise High School win their school's first tournament ever.


2018 Citi Financial Literacy Debates: 

DuVal High School: Jonathan Collins and Sandra Romualdo

2019 Citi Financial Literacy Debates: 

Wise High School: Tim Neal and Nye Glover

2020 Financial Literacy Debates:

Cancelled, COVID