Debate Resources

WUDL Core Files
The WUDL provides starter evidence sets that lets students hit the ground running and provides an array of arguments about the year's topic. Participants in the Rookie and Novice Division are limited to using evidence from the core files, while JV and Varsity debaters may use any evidence they wish and write their own cases. 
The WUDL has put together everything that a coach could need to run a highly successful team, including checklists about what to do to get novices ready for their first tournament, how to transition students to a new division, and recruitment tips and tricks. 

WUDL Core Files:

  • Varsity: (No Evidence Restrictions)​​​​​

Outside of Novice, students are encouraged to write their own cases and do their own research.

    • ​You must use proper citations for your evidence

    • Maintain an updated disclosure our website. For more information about disclosure, click here. 

Evidence Archive:
2019-20 Arms Sales Topic
2020-21 Criminal Justice Reform Topic