Our Staff

The Matthew Harris Ornstein Washington Summer Debate Institute is dedicated to bringing together an All-Star staff for our students. Unlike most debate camps, we hold a competitive, national talent search to identify the best and brightest. We look for staff members with substantial debate expertise AND extensive experience as a teacher and/or coach to pass along their experience.

We are excited to announce our staff for Summer 2021. Folks listed in alphabetical order. 

Elizabeth Ballah

Elizabeth Ballah Debate Coach, Capital Village Middle School (DC)

Saied Beckford

Saied Beckford Rutgers University (NJ)

Natalie Bennie

Natalie Bennie Doctoral Candidate, Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Donald Broussard

Donald Broussard Director of Debate, Baton Rouge Magnet (LA)

Myles Caliguire

Myles Caliguire Debate Coach, Stuart Hobson Middle School (DC)

Darrian Carroll

Darrian Carroll Doctoral Candidate, University of Maryland (MD)

Cecilia Cerja

Cecilia Cerja Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Assistant, University of Georgia (GA)

Sophia Dal Pra

Sophia Dal Pra University of Kentucky, Assistant Director and Summer Instructor at Triumph Debate (OH)

Richard Day

Richard Day Consultant, Boston Consulting Group (IL)

Natty De Leon

Natty De Leon Miami Urban Debate League (FL)

Gabriel Chang-Deutsch

Gabriel Chang-Deutsch Student, Minneapolis South (MN)

Larry Dang

Larry Dang Harvard University (MA)

Alex Dresdner

Alex Dresdner Emory University (GA)

Danielle Dupree

Danielle Dupree Howard University Debate Coach, Capital City PCS (DC)

Cydney Edwards

Cydney Edwards Program Director at MDUDL (FL) Program Associate WUDL

Alexa Figueroa

Alexa Figueroa University of Maryland (MD)

Cesar Fortuna

Cesar Fortuna Debate Coach, English Teacher, Montgomery Village Middle School (MD)

Colton Gilbert

Colton Gilbert Debate Coach Little Rock Central High School (AR)

Rob Glass

Rob Glass, Director of Debate, University of Houston (TX)

William Hawk

Wil Hawk Director of School Information Systems and Debate Capital City PCS (DC)

Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernandez US Navy, Debate Coach, Statesman Academy (DC)

Sohail Jouya

Sohail Jouya Director of Debate, Westwood High School (TX)

Zachary Komlo

Zachary Komlo Social Studies Teacher and Debate Coach, Phelps High School (DC)

Jaden Kuykendahl

Jaden Kuykendahl Howard University (IL)

Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis, Director of Debate, Hebron (TX)

Dennis Martinez

Dennis Martinez Lewis and Clarke College (OR)

Kaitlyn McClinton

Kaitlyn McClinton Debate Coach, Multiple WUDL Schools (DC)

Abby Morioka

Abby Morioka Sacramento Urban Debate (CA)

Dr. Jackie Poapst

Dr. Jackie Poapst Assistant Director of Debate George Mason University (VA)

Ernest Ntangu

Ernest Ntangu Georgetown University, Debate Coach, Oyster Adams Middle School (DC)

Dr. Omar Price

Dr. Omar Price Professor, Director of Debate, Alabama A&M University (AL)

Delia Rossini

Delia Rossini MNUDL Volunteer (PA)

Justin Sayoto

Justin Sayoto Wake Forest University (NC)

Munyang Tengen

Munyang Tengen Howard University Debate Coach Benjamin Tasker Middle School (MD)

Kevin Tezi

Kevin Tezi Howard University Debate Coach Bowie High School (MD)

Brianna Thomas

Brianna Thomas, Assistant Debate Coach, George Mason University (VA)

Hayden Uihlein

Hayden Uihlein, Online Debate Teacher @ BCDA & Assistant Coach, University of Minnesota (MN)

Patrick Wilborn

Patrick Wilborn Social Studies Teacher, Director of Debate DuVal High School (MD)

Adilah Wutoh-Baylor

Adilah Wutoh-Baylor Prince George's County Parks and Rec., Debate Coach, Roosevelt (MD)

Staff of the 5th Annual HOSDI (2019)


From Left: Alex Dresdner, Kalyani Allums, Randall Martinez, Mary Beth Armstrong, Maggie Ryan, Jackie Poapst, Cesar Fortuna, Bilqiis Sheikh-Issa, Jon Alfuth, Olivia Berry, Colton Gilbert, Selah Lee-Bey, Cydney Edwards, Keoni Scott-Reid, Dara Davis, Frantz Deetjen, Aubrey Semple, David Trigaux, Omar Price, David Leo, Patrick Wilborn, Darcell Brown, Hiba Sheikh, Darrian Carroll, and Aisha Taylor.

Over the past 5 years, the WUDL staff has reflected the great debate community here in D.C. and around the country. We value diversity on our staff in terms of race and gender, but also in terms of experience, profession, and geography. We've had college students, graduate students and professors, policymakers, attorneys, and teachers from all over the nation (28 states so far). 

Our staff over the years has included a lot of flashy resume lines regarding state and national championships, the NDT, CEDA, TOC, etc. but regardless of the accolades, we value the ability to build relationships with students and instructional skills. Many of our best instructors haven't been in break rounds of the NDT, but are strong communicators and instructors. We appreciate some sort of experience working with (59%) or participating in (34%) an Urban Debate League, though it isn't necessary.