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The Matthew H. Ornstein Washington Summer Debate Institute is dedicated to bringing together an All-Star staff for our students. Unlike most debate camps, we hold a competitive, national talent search to identify the best and brightest. We look for staff members with substantial debate expertise AND extensive experience as a teacher and/or coach to pass along their experience.

We will start accepting applications for the 7th Annual Ornstein Summer Debate Institute Staff (2020-2021) in January 2021. Please check back in with us then and complete an application. 

Staff of the 5th Annual Ornstein Summer Debate Institute (2019)

Staff Of Previous Summer Institutes


Jon Alfuth: 

Education Policy Analyst, National Governor's Association, WUDL Advisory Board Member

Hannah Allison:

Student, Liberty University

Kalyani Allums:

Student, Emory University, Volunteer, Atlanta Urban Debate League 

Taylor Allums: 

Legal Assistant, Brock and Scott PLLC

Mary Beth Armstrong:

Student, George Mason University

Natalie Bennie:

Graduate Student, Wake Forest University

Olivia Berry

Student, Tulane University

Tara Bhagat

Student, University of Cambridge

Darcell Brown: 

Debate Coach, Detroit Urban Debate League

Darian Carroll: 

PHD Candidate, University of Maryland, Ass. Debate Coach, Flowers High School (MD) 

Cecelia Cerja

Graduate Student, University of Northern Iowa

Eric Clarke

Student, Georgetown University

Danielle Dupree

Student, Howard University

Dara Davis: 

Debate Coach, Ogden International School (Chicago), WUDL Program Coordinator

Richard Day: 

Consultant, C.E.B, WUDL Board Member, Graduate Student, University of Chicago

Frantz Deetjen: 

Director of Debate, Bowie High School (MD)

Alex Dresdner:

Student, Emory University

Cydney Edwards: 

Program Director, Miami-Dade Urban Debate League

Reka Fink: 

Debate Coach, The Blake School (MN)

Cesar Fortuna:

Director of Debate, Greenbelt Middle School (MD)

Maddox Gates:

Student, Samford University

Andrew Geathers

Director of Debate, Bedford Academy (NY)

Colton Gilbert:

Debate Coach, Little Rock Central High School (AR)

Jonathan Gonzalez:  

Attorney, Mcandlish Horton, WUDL Advisory Board Member

Alexandra Green: 

Student, Liberty University

Joe Karam: 

Attorney, Alexandria (VA) District Attorney, WUDL Advisory Board Member

Jayden Kuykendahl

Student, Howard University

Khalil Lee: 

Graduate Student, Wake Forest University

Selah Lee-Bey: 

Director of Debate, Reading Specialist, and Special Educator, Washington Latin Public Charter School

David Leo:

Student, George Washington University, Ass. Debate Coach, Eastern High School (DC)

Tristan Loveless

Program Coordinator, Tulsa Debate League

Randall Martinez:

Director of Debate, Christopher Columbus High School (FL)

Hunter McCullough: 

Debate Coach, Highland Park High School (TX)

Olivia Northcutt-Wyly

Student, University of Southern California

Ernest Ntangu

Student, Georgetown University

Nate Nys: 

Student, Wake Forest University

Jazmine Pickens: 

Student, University of Oklahoma

Jackie Poapst:

Assistant Director of Debate, George Mason University

Stefanie Pousoulides: 

Student, Duke University

Dr. Omar Price: 

Director of Debate, DuVal High School (MD), Professor, Alabama A & M University

Linda Ramseur: 

Student, Simpson College

Chris Roberds

Director of Debate, Kickapoo High School (MO)

Brian Roche: 

Student, University of Michigan

Delia Rossini:

Student, University of Minnesota

Maggie Ryan:

Student, University of Maryland, Ass. Debate Coach, Northwestern High School

Hope Sauceda: 

Graduate Student, University of Las Vegas 

Renae Salunga: 

Student, Georgetown University, 2016-17 Urban Debater of the Year

Kate Scolaro: 

Student, University of Florida 

Nick Sciullo: 

Director of Debate, University of Central Florida

Keoni Scott-Reid: 

Director of Debate, Washington Leadership Academy (D.C.)

Aubrey Semple:

Program Director, New York Urban Debate League

Hiba Sheikh:

Law Student, Northwestern University

Rachel Stevens: 

Founder/Director, Debate HELP

Niko Sims;

Student, Emporia University

Aisha Taylor:

Student, Jacksonville University

Munyang Tengen:

Student, Howard University

Kevin Tezi:

Student, Howard University 
Michelle Thomas: 

Assistant Director of Debate, Binghampton University
Hayden Uihlein: 

Director of Debate, Edina High School (Minnesota)

Austin Weatherington

Director of Debate, Friendship Woodridge (DC)
Tommye Weddington: 

PHD Candidate, University of Pittsburgh
Kevin Whitley: 

Director of Debate, Towson University

Patrick Wilborn:

Director of Debate, DuVal High School (MD)
Adilah Wutoh-Baylor: 

Director of Debate, Dora Kennedy French Immersion School, (MD)
Wayne Young: 

M.A. Candidate, University of Maryland

2017 Staff:

From Left: Rachel Stevens, Reka Fink, Selah Lee-Bey, David Trigaux, Kevin Whitley, Jon Alfuth, Khalil Lee, Jazmine Pickens, Jonathan Gonzalez, Nick Sciullo, Natalie Bennie, Wayne Young, Taylor Allums, Kate Scolaro, Tommye Weddington, Hunter McCullough, Nate Nys

Not Pictured: Richard Day

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