Coaching Overview

Being a debate coach can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Debate creates new avenues of engagement with your students and encourages you to challenge them intellectually .


Coaching debate on top of your class schedule can be difficult, but that's where we can help. WUDL staff exists solely to assist you as a coach and mentor for your students. We also offer a stipend to coaches who meet basic criteria. 

Coaches Orlando and Sebastian of Oyster-Adams with their team as they win their first trophy

Coach Cohen of Columbia Heights Ed Campus judges a debate

The Washington Urban Debate League supports its coaches in a variety of ways:

  • Novice, JV, and Varsity  Evidence Packets

  • WUDL Youtube Channel

  • Topic Summaries and Research Guides​

  • Training Session for Coaches​

  • Assistant Coaching

  • Lesson Plans and Meeting Activity Guides

As part of the national urban debate community, we frequently collaborate with other leagues and learn from their experience. All of our meeting activities, coaching strategies, and curricula is derived from the best practices of coaches around the nation. 


To learn more, contact us! We're always looking to partner with educators looking to provide more opportunities for our students.