Coaching Debate

Coach Zigmond and the Banneker High School Debate Team at Largo in 2016

The UDL Model is centered upon teacher-coaches, where a teacher or other school employee takes the lead recruiting students, holding practices, and attending tournaments with their students. 


Assistant coaches can, however, play a vital role in the UDL process.  Assistant coaches generally have a background in debate as a former competitor, and are paired with a partner school based on their need, and often the proximity to the volunteer. Assistant coaches serve as a supplement to the existing teacher-coach at the school, offering advice and training to students, and helping the teacher learn more about being a debate coach too.  


Most of our programs hold their meetings either during the lunch hour or after school, so the ability to attend practices during these time periods is a necessary component to being an assistant coach. 


Additionally, coaches are expected to adhere to the model of the urban debate league. We want to build large, broad-based teams of students to develop their skills and enhance educational outcomes for our debaters.

We always have schools looking for additional assistance and coaching, so if you are interested, please email to learn more.