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WUDL Students Shine at Georgetown Debate Seminar

I am excited to share a quick update from the world of summer debate institutes. Thanks to a generous grant from the Burke Foundation, the WUDL is sponsoring 14 of our most dedicated students to attend external summer debate programs hosted by elite universities around the nation. 10 of these young people just concluded their attendance at the Georgetown Debate Seminar, one of the higher profile debate camps on the East Coast. Of the 10, 3 were seniors and 9/10 were students of color. All had previously attended our local camp but non had never experienced a program like this before. Everyone participating was a little apprehensive about the program going online during the pandemic, and whil

Ornstein Summer Debate Institute Right Around the Corner!

We are about to kick off the 6th Annual Ornstein Summer Debate Institute on Monday! This is our first league wide event since before COVID cancellations happened and we are all very excited to see how our students have been doing for the last four months. As soon as it became clear that schools would pivot to online education, we've been researching best practices for online education and consulting many of our university partners on how best to proceed. Thankfully, we've been able to test many of the key elements of our summer program earlier this spring, including Microsoft Teams, online competitions, and more. Despite the pandemic, more than 200 students have signed up to participate this

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