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WUDL Chooses National Qualifier

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have (most) of our national qualifiers! Over the last two months, students from across Washington have researched, done speech re-dos, and prepared for the national qualifiers to represent the D.C. area at nationals. For High School: Urban Debate National Championship: Dallas, Texas, April 2nd - 5th For Middle School: Urban Debate Middle School Nationals: Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 1st - 3rd We have (most) of our qualifiers: High School From Left: Justin Sayoto and Ernest Ntangu Paola Almendarez and Lola Rogin Justin is in his second year of debate, jumping from Novice to Varsity this summer. He's worked incredibly hard to catch up to the rest of the regional circuit compe

WUDL Takes Home Trophies and Speaker Awards at Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

The busiest part of our schedule has finally wound down, and I’d like to share the exciting news about the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational, our last major travel tournament of the season. The tournament is a Semi-Finals Bid to the Tournament of Champions. The WUDL brought 12(!) teams and 40(!) students to the tournament. We had so many folks that some had to follow the charter bus in a car because we couldn't all fit! This was the largest trip we’ve ever done, bringing a league record 20 teams (40 debaters) and 17 adults (15 coaching and judging). 6 teams from 4 schools had never been to a regional competition before. Many thanks to the volunteers and coaches that made this possible! We had th

WUDL Winter Classic Kicks off Qualifiers, New Programs Debut, including Montgomery Village.

This past weekend was the league's largest tournament yet this season, with students competing in 5 (!) division. In the High School Qualifying Division, Ernest/Justin and Paola/Lola took an early lead in the hunt to qualify for the Urban Debate National Championship. These two teams have been at the top of the Varsity pool all year, and 3/4 of them represented the WUDL last year. They haven't run away with the qualification process, as teams from 3 other schools (and Ernest and Justin's teammates) remain in striking distance. In the Middle School Qualifying Division, Samantha/David of Inspired Teaching made a statement, going undefeated, and showing why they were an early favorite for MS Na

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