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WUDL Students Debate Drone Tech at Escape Velocity Tech Conference

The WUDL believes that young people have a lot to say about the issues of the day, and knows that they'll make the case with more grace, facts, and persuasion than most political leaders. As a result, we are always looking for cool ways for our students to speak their minds in front of a variety of audiences. Over Memorial Day, DuVal and Fredrick Douglass High Schools debated drone technology at the largest tech conference in the D.C. area, Escape Velocity. Hosted at the MGM in Prince George's County, the conference brought together thousands of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, sci-fi fans, and more for an array of presentations, demonstrations, and symposiums. In front of a packed audience,

Wise High School Wins 2019 Citi Foundation Financial Literacy Debates

This afternoon, the last program of the WUDL season concluded, the Citi Foundation Financial Literacy Debates. The Citi Foundation has generously supported a series of debates and workshops about financial literacy concepts. Financial literacy is a critical skill that we are glad to partner with the Citi Foundation to spread to local students. This is the second season of these debates, where students gathered at Hardy Middle School (DC) and Largo High School (PGCPS) to learn about financial literacy concepts from experts ranging from financial journalists and VPs of major banks to real estate agents and a staffer at the US Dept. of Labor. Students prepared their cases, and gathered at Washi

WUDL Kicks off 2019-20 School Recruiting with New North Middle School

Expanding our staff means being able to recruit new schools and expand our footprint to new programs across the D.C. area. Our first new recruit for 2019-20 is actually quite personal for me. As a new homeowner in Ward 4, I want to contribute to a strong and vibrant educational ecosystem where my future children can attend vibrant schools. DCPS is creating a new middle school, recently named after Ida B Wells, the noted journalist. The school will be the first DCPS school named for an African American Woman. Ida B Wells Middle School will be housed on the campus of Coolidge High School. This program will draw middle school students from LaSalle, Takoma, Whittier, and Brightwood Education Cam

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