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WUDL Student Jonathan Collins Named Urban Debater of the Year!

DuVal High School Senior Jonathan Collins has been named the National Urban Debater of the Year. The award, given out by the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues, recognizes the student that best combined competitive excellence, resilience, character, and leadership in the debate community. Jonathan has previously won the Ornstein Outstanding Debater award (2017) and the High School Debater of the Year award (2018), the highest awards available from the WUDL, and played a leading role in bringing home the WUDL Sweepstakes Cup to DuVal High School in 2018 and likely in 2019. From Jonathan: "When the day started, nothing stood out to me that today would be special. I went to school, le

WUDL Announces Staff for Ornstein Summer Debate Institute

The WUDL has announced its staff for the 5th annual Matthew Ornstein Summer Debate Institute. This staff is the result of reviewing more than 60 applicants, numerous interviews, and dozens of recommendations. We had a veritable wealth of qualified and dedicated candidates, and appreciate those who took the time to apply and consider joining us this summer. We are thrilled to host these folks this summer in D.C., each bringing extensive teaching and competitive debate experience to helping our students. The majority of our staff has worked at previous Ornstein Summer Debate Institutes, and many are alumni of other urban debate programs around the nation. To register your student for camp, sig

WUDL Qualifies DuVal, DCI to the UDNC, Kenmoor, Greenbelt, Washington Latin, and Hardy to MS Nationa

The 2019 national qualifiers are in the books, and we have chosen representatives for nationals. A huge shout out to our volunteers: We were able to panel the qualifying rounds and provide a true nationals atmosphere. Thank you for all of your great feedback and energy! High School: DuVal: Jonathan Collins and Ernest Ntangu The best team in the league this year based on their regular season record, Jonathan and Ernest lost for the first time at a local tournament during the qualifier, but still made it to nationals. Ernest, a junior, qualified last season with a different partner, while Jonathan, a senior, would have qualified, had his partner showed up for the tournament. Jonathan has won e

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