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WUDL Travel Team inches from elimination rounds at Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

The WUDL Travel Team ended an exciting and successful season at the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational this past weekend. This tournament featured students from Bowie High School, DC International, DuVal High School, Kenmoor Middle School, and Washington Latin PCS. The highlights: This was the largest WUDL travel contingent ever assembled, almost by a factor of two, with 20 students participating. (previous record was 12) This was also one of our most successful (competitively) trips ever DuVal's Jonathan Collins and Ernest Ntangu finishing with a 3-2 record, and within 2 speaker points of moving on to elimination rounds. Kenmoor's Asha Verma and Isatou Jawara were even closer, finishing 11th in

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