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WUDL Fall/Winter Newsletter

WUDL Community, This past semester has been an amazing journey, made possible by generous donors and volunteers like you. At the end of last season, the plan for the coming year was consolidation and fundraising to expand our staff for 2019. Somewhere along the way, we still expanded to new schools, traveled to more regional competitions, and served more students. DuVal’s Sandra Romualdo (and Sonia Habib) debate at GDS 2018 [endif]--This year’s debate over Immigration is reminiscent of the national debate in this country. Students cover issues that are splattered across the front page of newspapers across the nation such as the Muslim Ban and the Border Wall, but also considered more nuanced

Giving Thanks: Recognizing some WUDL Volunteers who made this last semester great!

The holiday season often inspires folks to give back to their communities and appreciate the year gone past. Here at WUDL, we wanted to give thanks and recognize some truly awesome folks who helped make the last semester here a positive learning experience for so many students around the region. Incredibly, all three of these outstanding people were new to the WUDL this semester. Darrian Carroll: 142 Hours Darrian is a PHD candidate at the University of Maryland. A former debater for the University of North Texas, Darrian spent the last two years working on his Master's Degree and coaching UNLV to elimination rounds of College Debate Nationals. While at UNT, Darrian spent a summer working a

WUDL Ends 1st Semester on High Note @ CHEC

The WUDL keeps growing, whether we try to or not! This past weekend was our largest tournament ever (a common refrain this semester). This season was supposed to be a year of consolidation and our next phase of growth, but the demand for debate programs among local youth continues to amaze use. Highlights from this weekend's tournament: -Director of Debate at the U.S. Naval Academy and American Debate Association Chairwoman Danielle Verney O'Gorman came by to judge some rounds and speak to our students. We greatly appreciate her visit and the time she spent listening to our students. My goal is to create an atmosphere where every student is thinking about attending college and is well inform

WUDL Travel Team Goes to NYC!

This past weekend, the WUDL Travel Team adventured forth to the New York Fall Face-Off, a gathering of teams from across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. This tournament was larger than Georgetown Day's Invitational, and boasted some heavyweight schools not represented their either such as Bronx Science (NY), Lexington (MA), and Stuyvesant (NY). Never the less, WUDL teams persevered, and essentially replicated their performances from Georgetown Day against a larger and more experienced pool of opponents. Once again, DuVal High School led the way. Senior Jonathan Collins and Junior Ernest Ntangu finished with a 3-3 record, defeating teams from XXXX along the way. Many thanks to WUDL Volunteer

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