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Debate: Balancing Competition and Education

As we help our students prepare for the Urban Debate National Championship, I am more acutely aware that the highest echelons of competitive debate and the more educational aspects of the activity aren't necessarily working together. The vast majority of the students we work with at the Washington Urban Debate League are in the Novice or JV Divisions, in their first or second year of debate. Most are 7th-9th grade, and looking to develop their reading, critical thinking, and speaking skills, not chase trophies on the regional or national level (at least not yet). Most of them never will, but they will have a robust educational experience competing at the local level. Students will dramatical

WUDL experiences March Madness at Columbia Heights Education Campus

This past weekend, March Madness came to the WUDL. As students and volunteers alike checked their phones and sought updates on the weekend's NCAA tournament, students competed in their last tune-up before our district tournament on April 14th. This tournament included several noteworthy happenings: --DC International's top team, Almendarez and Lowenstein, took their first loss of the season in the Varsity Division. --Benjamin Tasker's Maceiko and Beivens took 1st Place and 1st and 2nd Speaker in the Novice Division, a big turnaround for a school whose students had struggled to win rounds early in the season. --KIPP College Prep made their season debut. Coach Reddy had 5 debaters this weekend

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