From the Program Director's Desk

Anne Peckham, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Volunteers are the backbone of the WUDL, and I never believe that we do enough to acknowledge the hard work and dedicate their put into this community and these students. Everyone likes to quantify things in terms of numbers, so here are a few: This year, more than 150 volunteers have contributed more than 2,000 hours at WUDL events, serving as judges, coaches, mentors, and tournament staff for students across the District and Prince George's County. One of the most enthusiastic and dedicated of those volunteers, responsible for a lot of those hours is Anne Peckham, volunteer extraordinaire. Anne contributed more than 150 hours since Fall 2016. Over the last 15 months, Anne averaged about 14

WUDL and National Qualifiers

The ballots are in, the school is cleaned up and locked down, and we have our national qualifiers. After battling it out for 8 rounds of power paired competition, two teams emerged: Ntangu and Dupree DuVal High School (Below) Tezi and Jackson Bowie High School (Right) Ntangu and Dupree finished 8-0, the only undefeated team after the two parts of the qualifying tournament were over, an incredible feat. Tezi and Jackson finished 7-1, losing only to Ntangu and Dupree, but finished with a solid lead over our runners up from Banneker and DuVal in speaker points, Ernest Ntangu started debating as a freshman last year, and didn't really have a partner, so he bounced around between all three divisi

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