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WUDL Prepares for 3rd Annual Summer Debate Institute

The National Urban Debate Conference is over, and the 3rd annual Matthew H Ornstein Washington Summer Debate Institute is rapidly approaching. Funded by a generous grant from the Matthew H. Ornstein Foundation every year, the summer debate institute is the biggest single program of the WUDL. In 2015, the Institute served 38 students over the course of a week. In 2016, the Institute served 77 students over the course of a week, and had a waiting list over 30 students long. In 2017, we have some ambitious changes in store that reflect the maturation of the WUDL and the growth of our students. This year, we'll offer 112 seats, AND offer a two week program for returning students. About 55 return

WUDL returns from the National Urban Debate Conference in Chicago

The WUDL has returned from the National Urban Debate Conference in Chicago. Every June, program managers, executive directors, and other staff gather to discuss developments in the urban debate network, share best practices, and learn new ways to better serve the youth and teachers of our community. This year was my second national conference, and I was able to approach it geared to learn the details and implementation strategies of what other leagues are doing and focus on what we can do to improve our systems instead of running around helter-skelter looking to absorb every bit of knowledge from everyone as a newcomer. The relationships developed at this conference are invaluable, as we loo

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