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Luke C Moore joins the WUDL

We're very excited to announce that Luke C Moore High School has joined the WUDL, and will immediately jump into competition, starting in March. Luke Moore, located in Ward 5, is the alternative high school for DCPS students. They have already recruited a coach, and more than a dozen students, and we're very excited for them to join us!

Scott-Reid Named Urban Debater of the Year Finalist!

Largo Captain Scott-Reid was just named a Finalist for the Urban Debater of the Year award. The only student who has attended every event we've ever held, and the league's leader in round debated, he is a deserving candidate that represents the finest that WUDL has to offer!

WUDL Begins Recruiting For 2017-2018

The WUDL has experienced explosive growth over the last academic year. In September, we had 45 students from 8 schools attend our tournament at Banneker High School. Last weekend, we had 90 teams from 27 schools attend, with several schools missing, or missing students due to the long weekend. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the WUDL is dedicated to furthering our mission and spreading debate to more students in more schools. We are also mindful of our mission to bring the academic benefits of debate to the schools that would benefit from it the most. As a result of our partnership with DCPS, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Browne Education Campus in Northeast D.C. They h

WUDL chooses National Qualifiers

This past weekend, the WUDL held our 6th tournament of the year. This tournament stood out for four reasons: Our largest tournament yet The introduction of a Junior Varsity Division Served as the 2nd half of our national qualifier in the Varsity Division Suitland High School and Dora Kennedy Middle School made their competitive debuts as the league continues to grow Starting in the Varsity Division, the teams of Scott-Reid and Hinant dominated, going 4-0, while Scott-Reid took the top overall speaker as well. DC International's Frone and Lowenstein took 2nd (and Frone took 2nd speaker). These two teams traded spots from last tournament, and will represent the WUDL at Nationals in Chicago in

WUDL Goes To Pennsbury 2017!

The core mission of the Washington Urban Debate League is to serve as an innovative vehicle to inspire students to learn and grow. Getting students to a few debates changes how they think, and puts them on the path to future success. Sometimes, that is working with new students to learn the basics, and sometimes that means looking for new ways to keep our most dedicated students challenged. Last weekend, the WUDL took 10 students up to the Pennsbury Falcon Invitational to do just that. The Pennsbury Falcon is a large regional competition in Philadelphia that brings together competitors from Virginia to Massachusetts through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The level of competition at this tou

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