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Second DC International Invitational, many first time trophy winners

The DC International School was our second middle school program, and were the first middle school team to field a varsity team this year. Last year, they stepped up and hosted our January tournament after a snow storm cancelled our previous tournament. This year, they won first place in Varsity at their own competition. Always a pleasant tournament venue, DC International prepared hard to seize the home field advantage. Their hard work paid off, as the team of Lowenstein and Frone took first place in the Varsity Division, the first middle school team to win a Varsity tournament in 2016. Their dominant performance also netted them the 3rd and 4th overall speaker awards. The DCI team of Basku

NAUDL-WUDL Flip The Debate

The 2016 Presidential Election sent shock waves through the american political system, social media, and the Washington area community. Citizens (and those to young to vote) volunteered, argued on social media, and generally spurned an election season defined by nastiness and two candidates with low favorablility ratings. Urban Debate students from around the United States chose a different approach to election day, debating issues in NAUDL's Flip the Debate series, which culminated in Washington D.C. a few days before election day. Hosted at the Reagan Center, the finals of Flip the Debate featured two sophomores, one from the Los Angeles (LAMDL), and one from New York (NYCUDL). Much could

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