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Our Story

     In 2014, a group of former debaters surveyed the educational landscape in D.C. and lamented the lack of high-quality debate programs available for public school students. Debate is a transformative educational experience, but it was only available to students at elite private institutions.  They decided to do something about it and founded the Washington Urban Debate League, a non-profit dedicated to improving student outcomes through participation in competitive policy debate.

     Since then, the WUDL has rapidly grown, serving thousands of students from public schools across D.C. and the surrounding areas along the way.  We've taken students across the country to regional tournaments, worked with D.C. Public Schools to integrate debate instruction intro the curriculum, and won regional and national awards.

 We've collected a few accolades over the last 5 years: 

--Outstanding Urban Debate League (2017-2018) by the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL).

--"One Of The Best" local non-profits by the Greater Washington Catalog of Philanthropy (2018).

--Urban Debate Middle School National Champions (2018)

--Urban Debater of the Year (2019), and finalists (2016, 2019), by the NAUDL 

Washington Urban Debate League, PO Box 6319, Washington, DC 20016        202-770-7887         David.Trigaux@urbandebate.org

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