Debate Resources

Novice Packet:
Novice Packet--Affirmative
  • Small Arms Aff
  • Saudi Arabia Aff
Novice Packet--Negative
  • Small Arms Neg
  • Saudi Arabia Neg
  • Economy DA
  • Leadership DA
Junior Varsity Packet:
The WUDL has put together everything that a coach could need to run a highly successful team, including checklists about what to do to get novices ready for their first tournament, how to transition students to a new division, and recruitment tips and tricks. 
Honduras Aff and Neg
Drones Aff and Neg
Saudi Arabia Expansion Aff and Neg
Varsity Starter Packets
Israel Affirmative
Ukraine Affirmative
Military Industrial Complex Affirmative
Virtuous War Affirmative
Capitalism Kritik
Covert Arm Sales Counterplan
Conditions Counterplan
Varsity Topicality Toolbox
Evidence Archive:
Mid-Season Update

WUDL Evidence Use Rules:

  • Rookie: You may use the Saudi Arabia Affirmative, the US Leadership Disadvantage, and the Saudi Arabia Negative, found in the Novice Packets. 

  • Novice: You may use anything found in the WUDL Novice Affirmative Packet or the WUDL Novice Negative Packet.

  • Junior Varsity: You may use: 

    • Anything found in the Novice Packets

    • Anything found in the JV Section, above

    • Any research you do yourself

  • Varsity: Students are encouraged to write their own cases and do their own research. They may use any WUDL Files as well. 

    • You must use proper citations for your evidence

    • Maintain an updated disclosure our website. For more information about disclosure, click here. ​

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